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About Eaton Injury Law

Utah Personal Injury Lawyers Who Care

Eaton Injury Law was founded by Tyler N. Eaton, Esq. in 2022 with the mission to advocate and be an ally for those injured in Utah. Whether our clients need a car accident lawyer, slip and fall lawyer, Uber accident lawyer, or more, we ensure our clients don't enter the arena without a caring and competent ally. The other side has experts on their side, why shouldn't you?


Tyler is an esteemed personal injury attorney who has called Utah home for over two decades. He passed the bar with flying colors at the mere age of 23, among the youngest in the state's history. Prior to founding Eaton Injury Law, his legal career included working at one of the biggest and most successful personal injury law firms in the country and two extremely successful midsized firms in Utah.  What sets Eaton Injury Law apart is that it was founded by taking all the best aspects of these firms, and combining them to form one all-in-one, elite law firm that is well-recognized as a firm that will not rest until its clients obtain justice the right way. We serve with compassion and empathy, a strategy that has continually proven to put us on top.

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